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Syntax - give [money/xp/<item>|...] (quantity:<#>) (unlimit_stack_size) (to:<inventory>) (slot:<slot>)
Short DescriptionGives the player an item, xp, or money.
Full DescriptionGives the linked player or inventory items, xp, or money.
Optionally specify a slot to put the items into. If the slot is already filled, the next available slot will be used.
If the player's inventory is full, the items will be dropped on the ground at the inventory's location.
Specifying "unlimit_stack_size" will allow an item to stack up to 64. This is useful for stacking items
with a max stack size that is less than 64 (for example, most weapon and armor items have a stack size of 1).
If an economy is registered, specifying money instead of a item will give money to the player's economy.

Related Tags<PlayerTag.money>


» Use to give money to the player.
- give money quantity:10

» Use to give XP to the player.
- give xp quantity:10

» Use to give an item to the player.
- give iron_sword

» Use to give an item and place it in a specific slot if possible.
- give WATCH slot:5