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Syntax - narrate [<text>] (targets:<player>|...) (format:<script>) (per_player)
Short DescriptionShows some text to the player.
Full DescriptionPrints some text into the target's chat area. If no target is specified it will default to the attached player or the console.

Accepts the 'format:<script>' argument, which will reformat the text according to the specified format script.

Optionally use 'per_player' with a list of player targets, to have the tags in the text input be reparsed for each and every player.
So, for example, "- narrate 'hello <player.name>' targets:<server.online_players>"
would normally say "hello bob" to every player (every player sees the exact same name in the text, ie bob sees "hello bob", steve also sees "hello bob", etc)
but if you use "per_player", each player online would see their own name (so bob sees "hello bob", steve sees "hello steve", etc).

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» Use to narrate text to the player.
- narrate "Hello World!"

» Use to narrate text to a list of players.
- narrate "Hello there." targets:<[player]>|<[someplayer]>|<[thatplayer]>

» Use to narrate text to a unique message to every player on the server.
- narrate "Hello <player.name>, your secret code is <util.random.duuid>." targets:<server.online_players> per_player