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Syntax - run [<script>/locally] (path:<name>) (def:<element>|...) (id:<name>) (speed:<value>/instantly) (delay:<value>)
Short DescriptionRuns a script in a new queue.
Full DescriptionRuns a script in a new queue.

You can specify either a script object to run, or "locally" to use a path within the same script.

Optionally, use the "path:" argument to choose a specific sub-path within a script (works well with the "locally" argument).

Optionally, use the "def:" argument to specify definition values to pass to the script,
the definitions will be named via the "definitions:" script key on the script being ran,
or numerically in order if that isn't specified (starting with <[1]>).
To pass a list value in here as a single definition, use a list-within-a-list as the input
(the outer list is the list required by the 'def:' arg, the inner list is the single-def value).
The 'list_single' tag is useful for creating lists-within-lists.

Optionally, use the "speed:" argument to specify the queue command-speed to run the target script at,
or use the "instantly" argument to use an instant speed (no command delay applied).
If neither argument is specified, the default queue speed applies (normally instant, refer to the config file).
Generally, prefer to set the "speed:" script key on the script to be ran, rather than using this argument.

Optionally, use the "delay:" argument to specify a delay time before the script starts running.

Optionally, specify the "id:" argument to choose a custom queue ID to be used.
If none is specified, a randomly generated one will be used. Generally, don't use this argument.

The run command is ~waitable. Refer to language/~waitable.

Related Tags<entry[saveName].created_queue> returns the queue that was started by the run command.


» Use to run a task script named 'MyTask'.
- run MyTask

» Use to run a task script named 'MyTask' that isn't normally instant, instantly.
- run MyTask instantly

» Use to run a local subscript named 'alt_path'.
- run locally path:alt_path

» Use to run 'MyTask' and pass 3 definitions to it.
- run MyTask def:A|Second_Def|Taco

» Use to run 'MyTask' and pass a list as a single definition.
- run MyTask def:<list_single[<list[a|big|list|here]>]>
# MyTask can then get the list back by doing:
- define mylist <[1]>


Syntax - bungeerun [<server>|...] [<script name>] (def:<definition>|...)
Short DescriptionRuns a task script on another server.
Full DescriptionThis command runs a task on another server on the Bungee network. Works similarly to the 'run' command.

Related Tags<bungee.list_servers>


» Use to run a simple task on another server.
- bungeerun lobby my_script def:32

NoteThis command requires the plugin(s) Depenizen, DepenizenBungee, BungeeCord!