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Syntax - sql [id:<ID>] [disconnect/connect:<server> (username:<username>) (password:<password>) (ssl:true/{false})/query:<query>/update:<update>]
Short DescriptionInteracts with a MySQL server.
Full DescriptionThis command is used to interact with a MySQL server. It can update the database or query it for information.
The general usage order is connect -> update/query -> disconnect.
It is not required that you disconnect right after using, and in fact encouraged that you keep a connection open where possible.
When connecting, the server format is IP:Port/Database, EG 'localhost:3306/test'.
You can switch whether SSL is used for the connection (defaults to false).
Note that when using tag, it is recommended you escape unusual inputs to avoid SQL injection.
The SQL command is merely a wrapper for SQL queries, and further usage details should be gathered from an official
MySQL query reference rather than from Denizen command help.
SQL connections are not instant - they can take several seconds, or just never connect at all.
It is recommended you hold the connection command by doing "- ~sql ..." rather than just "- sql ..."
as this will delay the commands following the connect command until after the connection is established.

Related Tags<entry[saveName].result> returns a ListTag of all rows from a query or update command, of the form li@escaped_text/escaped_text|escaped_text/escaped_text
<entry[saveName].affected_rows> returns how many rows were affected by an update command.


» Use to connect to an SQL server.
- ~sql id:name connect:localhost:3306/test username:space password:space

» Use to connect to an SQL server over an SSL connection.
- ~sql id:name connect:localhost:3306/test username:space password:space ssl:true

» Use to connect to an SQL server with a UTF8 text encoding.
- ~sql id:name connect:localhost:3306/test?characterEncoding=utf8 username:space password:space

» Use to update an SQL server.
- sql id:name "update:CREATE table things(id int,column_name1 varchar(255),column_name2 varchar(255));"

» Use to update an SQL server.
- sql id:name "update:INSERT INTO things VALUES (3, 'hello', 'space');"

» Use to query an SQL server.
- sql id:name "query:SELECT id,column_name1,column_name2 FROM things;" save:saveName
- narrate <entry[saveName].result>

» Use to query an SQL server.
- sql id:name "query:SELECT id,column_name1,column_name2 FROM things WHERE id=3;" save:saveName2
- narrate <entry[saveName2].result>

» Use to disconnect from an SQL server.
- sql disconnect id:name