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Syntax - title (title:<text>) (subtitle:<text>) (fade_in:<duration>/{1s}) (stay:<duration>/{3s}) (fade_out:<duration>/{1s}) (targets:<player>|...)
Short DescriptionDisplays a title to specified players.
Full DescriptionShows the players a large, noticeable wall of text in the center of the screen.
You can also show a "subtitle" below that title.
You may add timings for fading in, staying there, and fading out.
The defaults for these are: 1 second, 3 seconds, and 1 second, respectively.

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» Use to alert players of impending server restart.
- title "title:<red>Server Restarting" "subtitle:<red>In 1 minute!" stay:1m targets:<server.list_online_players>

» Use to inform the player about the area they have just entered.
- title "title:<green>Tatooine" "subtitle:<gold>What a desolate place this is."