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NameEntity Script Containers
DescriptionEntity script containers are an easy way to pre-define custom entities for use within scripts. Entity
scripts work with the EntityTag object, and can be fetched with the Object Fetcher by using the
EntityTag constructor e@EntityScriptName. Example: - spawn <player.location> e@MyEntity

The following is the format for the container. Except for the 'entity_type' key (and the dScript
required 'type' key), all other keys are optional.

You can also include a 'custom' key to hold any custom yaml data attached to the script.

# The name of the entity script is the same name that you can use to construct a new
# EntityTag based on this entity script. For example, an entity script named 'space zombie'
# can be referred to as 'e@space zombie'.
  type: entity
  # Must be a valid EntityTag (EG e@zombie or e@pig[age=baby]) See 'dEntity' for more information.
  entity_type: e@base_entity
  # Samples of mechanisms to use (any valid EntityTag mechanisms may be listed like this):
  # Whether the entity has the default AI
  has_ai: true/false
  # What age the entity is
  age: baby/adult/<#>

MORE OPTIONS ARE LISTED HERE: url//denizen/mecs/dentity.

GroupScript Container System