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DescriptionAn operator is the type of comparison that a comparable will check. Not all types of
comparables are compatible with all operators. See language/comparable for more information.

Available Operators include:
EQUALS (==), OR_MORE (>=), OR_LESS (<=), MORE (>), and LESS (<).

Operators which have a symbol alternative (as marked by parenthesis) can be referred to by either
their name or symbol. Using a '!' in front of the operator will also reverse logic, effectively
turning 'EQUALS' into 'DOES NOT EQUAL', for example.

== <= >= > < all compare arguments as text or numbers.

Note: When using an operator in a replaceable tag (such as <ElementTag.is[...].than[...]>),
keep in mind that < and >, and even >= and <= must be either escaped, or referred to by name.
Example: "<player.health.is[<&lt>].than[10]>" or "<player.health.is[LESS].than[10]>",
but <player.health.is[<].than[10]> will produce undesired results. <>'s must be escaped or replaced since
they are normally notation for a replaceable tag. Escaping is not necessary when the argument
contains no replaceable tags.

There are also special boolean operators (&&, ||, ...) documented at: command/if