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Channel topic: Join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/Q6pZGSR in channel citizens-lobby! Denizen help is also available there | Issues on GitHub at https://github.com/CitizensDev/Citizens2/issues | Dev Builds at http://ci.citizensnpcs.co

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-- IRC Logs for citizens for 2019-3-21, initialized at 3/21/2019 12:55:21 AM --
Topic at init time: Join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/Q6pZGSR in channel citizens-lobby! Denizen help is also available there | Issues on GitHub at https://github.com/CitizensDev/Citizens2/issues | Dev Builds at http://ci.citizensnpcs.co
Online users at init time: @Borg, @DenizenRelay, @mcmonkey, @monkeybot, alekso56, gabizou, gabizou|laptop, haarolean, I9hdkill_, Jeebiss, killme, Luck, Me4502, NickG365_, NucWin, Pugabyte, Shocky3, Skuli, Techcable, willies952002

2019/03/21 00:55:20 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [The-Architect] says: Hello
2019/03/21 00:55:41 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [The-Architect] says: What do i type to make my npc appear as a house cat?
2019/03/21 01:17:48 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Mwthorn] says: try `/npc type ocelot`
2019/03/21 01:17:57 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Mwthorn] says: @The-Architect#7109 ^
2019/03/21 02:10:02 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [The-Architect] says: I mean like a tamed cat
2019/03/21 04:18:54 UTC-07:00 * erratic (~paige@eugeneloo.static.corbina.ru) joined.
2019/03/21 04:46:36 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Luc!fer/Lucifer] says: I am getting so many errors in the console and citizens is asking me if it's up to date
2019/03/21 04:46:50 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Luc!fer/Lucifer] says: from where i can update the version
2019/03/21 04:55:53 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Luc!fer/Lucifer] says: Lol these servers are so weird
2019/03/21 04:56:00 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Luc!fer/Lucifer] says: just downloaded it in my pc
2019/03/21 04:56:08 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Luc!fer/Lucifer] says: and no errors in the console
2019/03/21 06:48:42 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Wahrheit] says: you have to update spigot *and* citizens
2019/03/21 06:55:49 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Mergu] says: servers arent weird
2019/03/21 06:55:50 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Mergu] says: u r
2019/03/21 07:09:03 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [BUTTERLOVER7683 πŸ¦‹] says: same
2019/03/21 07:15:58 UTC-07:00 * erratic quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds).
2019/03/21 07:37:05 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [π”„π”©π”’π”΅π”žπ”«π”‘π”’π”― 𝔳𝔬𝔫 π”ˆπ”―π”’π”Ÿπ”¬π”―/Alexander von Grebor] says: HI, on my server it isn't possible to select an NPC by using a stick, thats just possible for the owner of the NPC. What to do that everyone can klick on NPCs with sticks to select it?
2019/03/21 08:32:33 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: @The-Architect#7109 `/npc ocelot --type list`
2019/03/21 08:32:51 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: it will show you what types you can use, and then just throw one of the types it shows in place of 'list'
2019/03/21 08:33:10 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: there's a few breeds of housecat, all of which are subtypes of ocelot
2019/03/21 08:33:52 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: @π”„π”©π”’π”΅π”žπ”«π”‘π”’π”― 𝔳𝔬𝔫 π”ˆπ”―π”’π”Ÿπ”¬π”―#9852 can they select other NPCs with `/npc sel` or `/npc sel [id]`?
2019/03/21 08:34:03 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: If not: they need the permission `citizens.admin`
2019/03/21 08:34:16 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: which allows controlling any NPCs freely (rather than the default of only controlling your own NPCs)
2019/03/21 08:47:04 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [BUTTERLOVER7683 πŸ¦‹] says: It seems like outdated Spigot makes up 99.9% of the problems lmao
2019/03/21 08:48:03 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: @BUTTERLOVER7683 πŸ¦‹#7063 recently yes
2019/03/21 08:48:09 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: Spigot pushed an incompatible build
2019/03/21 08:48:16 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: and whenever they do that
2019/03/21 08:48:35 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: no matter how many times and places we publicly post "Latest Citizens matches Latest Spigot, don't mix versions" like in <#485397838923038730> and such
2019/03/21 08:48:47 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: we will _always_ get idiots who don't read a damn thing asking for at least a week or two
2019/03/21 08:49:07 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [BUTTERLOVER7683 πŸ¦‹] says: So this certainly isn't the first time? Is there like a grace period where it stops and then it pops right back up again when Spigot goes wild?
2019/03/21 08:49:46 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: Spigot _usually_ doesn't make breaking changes
2019/03/21 08:49:50 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: but they've done it a few times
2019/03/21 08:50:01 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: and so we have to deal with a week or two of idiots each time it happens
2019/03/21 08:50:04 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: but most of the time it's fine
2019/03/21 08:50:10 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: and things are cross-compatible so there's no trouble
2019/03/21 08:51:35 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [BUTTERLOVER7683 πŸ¦‹] says: Ah, that's good. Also, will I get a "*Your Spigot is outdated*" message when I boot the server even with teeny changes or just major jumps?
2019/03/21 08:52:19 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: uh
2019/03/21 08:52:26 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: The one that displays before the server loads
2019/03/21 08:52:30 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [BUTTERLOVER7683 πŸ¦‹] says: Ye
2019/03/21 08:52:31 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: is I think for any and every change
2019/03/21 08:52:39 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: which is annoying af
2019/03/21 08:52:41 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [BUTTERLOVER7683 πŸ¦‹] says: Ok, just making sure
2019/03/21 08:52:59 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [BUTTERLOVER7683 πŸ¦‹] says: I want to make sure my Spigot is mostly up to date as often as I can
2019/03/21 10:08:21 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: Hi guys, when I try to spawn an NPC nothing happens. In consolation they don't give me error / warnings
2019/03/21 10:09:04 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: Mc 1.13.2
2019/03/21 10:09:04 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: Check your full current logs file
2019/03/21 10:09:07 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: for _any_ error messages
2019/03/21 10:09:12 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: usually one will show around startup time
2019/03/21 10:09:16 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: also be aware of uh
2019/03/21 10:09:23 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: `\nalso if you for whatever reason updated Spigot and/or Citizens and then found this error and did not look at the recent discussion in this channel, the recent discussion in the Spigot Citizens forum topic, the Spigot Citizens update post, or the #news post\nuh... look at literally any of them in that case\nas they all describe a very basic thing that goes over
2019/03/21 10:09:24 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Continued] a lot of noobs-who-don't-read's heads\n`
2019/03/21 10:15:59 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: No one error, and i use the latest version of spigot
2019/03/21 10:16:47 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: post output of `/version` and `/version citizens`
2019/03/21 10:16:49 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: screenshot ideally
2019/03/21 10:20:59 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: < Attached: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/315625512753954816/558339287452745728/Screenshot_9.png >
2019/03/21 10:25:06 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: @stepkrep#7476 ` i use the latest version of spigot`\n...\n`You are 26 version(s) behind`
2019/03/21 10:25:20 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: there's a mismatch between what you said and what your server says
2019/03/21 10:25:23 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: Update spigot.
2019/03/21 10:25:31 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: i can't
2019/03/21 10:25:34 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: I also strongly believe you have an error in your logs at startup time
2019/03/21 10:25:38 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: This is the latest version
2019/03/21 10:25:41 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: It is not
2019/03/21 10:25:44 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: it is 26 builds behind
2019/03/21 10:25:46 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: as the output displays
2019/03/21 10:26:14 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: i can't update, because my host don't \nrecognizes other version
2019/03/21 10:26:23 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: This is the latest
2019/03/21 10:26:28 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: Find a way to upload your own server jar _or_ get a better host
2019/03/21 10:26:36 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: If your host doesn't let you give a server jar, your host is a pile of shit
2019/03/21 10:43:48 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: < Attached: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/315625512753954816/558345027076489237/Screenshot_11.png >
2019/03/21 10:44:21 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: you somehow went farther behind
2019/03/21 10:44:36 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: i see
2019/03/21 10:44:39 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: ...
2019/03/21 10:50:21 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: < Attached: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/315625512753954816/558346677149499422/Screenshot_12.png >This is better
2019/03/21 10:50:21 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [MEE6/Mr. MeeseeksπŸ˜ƒ] says: GG @stepkrep#7476, you just advanced to **level 1** !
2019/03/21 10:52:16 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [stepkrep] says: Now it work, thx for the help @mcmonkey#6666
2019/03/21 15:04:35 UTC-07:00 * Techcable quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in).
2019/03/21 15:04:43 UTC-07:00 * Techcable (znc@irc.techcable.net) joined.
2019/03/21 15:51:50 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Wahrheit] says: on viaversion's install page:
2019/03/21 15:51:51 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Wahrheit] says: `There are some login issues with Citizens2 and items that don't exist, ensure you're not using things like MONSTER_EGG durability 0.\n\n`
2019/03/21 15:51:52 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Wahrheit] says: wut
2019/03/21 16:05:03 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: that was added there in june 2017
2019/03/21 16:05:07 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: based on https://docs.viaversion.com/pages/viewpreviousversions.action?pageId=1081353
2019/03/21 16:06:02 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: I have no idea whatsoever what it's based on
2019/03/21 16:06:24 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: I can't find any relevant issues on their github from that time
2019/03/21 16:08:19 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: nor do I see relevant commits https://github.com/ViaVersion/ViaVersion/commits/master?after=7ad73cd476a2e60ffe64f9748f9f292f728cf524+524
2019/03/21 16:08:26 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [mcmonkey] says: idek
2019/03/21 16:27:15 UTC-07:00 <@DenizenRelay> [Discord] [Wahrheit] says: hm
2019/03/21 18:31:39 UTC-07:00 * @DenizenRelay quit (Ping timeout: 189 seconds).
2019/03/21 19:12:32 UTC-07:00 * DenizenRelay (~DenizenRe@bots.freneticllc.com) joined.
2019/03/21 19:12:32 UTC-07:00 * @Borg gave OP to @DenizenRelay.