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TitleDenizen Debug Logs From Welcome to Esoteria - A World of Adventure Awaits!!
TypeServer Log
Date2019/01/22 19:35:50 UTC-08:00
Java Version: 1.8.0_192
Up-time: 2h 58m
CraftBukkit Version: git-Paper-500 (MC: 1.13.2)
Denizen Version: Core: 1.20 (Build 174), CraftBukkit: 1.0.3-SNAPSHOT (build 510-DEV)
Active Plugins (28): dynmap: 3.0-beta-2-138, WorldBorder: 1.9.0, Votifier: 2.5.0, ProtocolLib: 4.4.0, 
Multiverse-Core: 2.6.0-b738, LibsDisguises: 9.7.1, MythicDrops: 4.3.4-a8b9390, 
FastAsyncWorldEdit: 1.0, PermissionsEx: 1.23.4, EffectLib: 6.2-SNAPSHOT, Vault: 1.7.1-b91, 
Essentials:, HolographicDisplays: 2.3.2, Citizens: 2.0.24-SNAPSHOT (build 1605), 
EssentialsProtect:, EssentialsChat:, EssentialsGeoIP:, 
EssentialsAntiBuild:, EssentialsSpawn:, EnjinMinecraftPlugin: 3.5.4, 
Denizen: 1.0.3-SNAPSHOT (build 510-DEV), WorldEdit: unspecified, WorldEditSelectionVisualizer: 1.6.2, 
FastAsyncVoxelSniper: 1.13.132, WorldGuard: 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT;0dc5781, Depenizen: 1.0.0 (build 426), 
Heroes: 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT-4971f3f, MythicMobs: 4.6.0-SNAPSHOT-2631
Loaded Worlds (6): map, map_nether, map_the_end, map_rainbow, map_spawn, map_dungeons
Online Players (1): [Deity] ~Jimmy(JimyTheLightfoot)
Offline Players: 16
Mode: online

22:35:46 [INFO]  Starting InstantQueue 'EXCOMMAND_LoverLiterallyHampshire'... 
22:35:46 [INFO]  Queue 'EXCOMMAND_LoverLiterallyHampshire' Executing: RUN "SchematicCreatorTsk" "def:Test|player|yes" 
22:35:46 [INFO] +- Executing dCommand: RUN/p@JimyTheLightfoot ---------+ 
22:35:46 [INFO] +> Executing 'RUN': script='SCHEMATICCREATORTSK(TASK)'  definitions='Test|player|yes
22:35:46 [INFO]  Adding definition %name% as Test 
22:35:46 [INFO]  Adding definition %location% as player 
22:35:46 [INFO]  Adding definition %air% as yes 
22:35:46 [INFO]  Starting TimedQueue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot'... 
22:35:46 [INFO]  Queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot' Executing: SCHEMATIC "load" 
22:35:46 [INFO] +- Executing dCommand: SCHEMATIC/p@JimyTheLightfoot ---------+ 
22:35:46 [INFO]  ERROR in script 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK' in queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot'! Invalid context ID 'args'! 
22:35:46 [INFO]  Filled tag <context.args.map_get[Name].split_by[<&co>]> with 'context.args.map_get[Name].split_by[<&co>]'. 
22:35:46 [INFO]  ERROR in script 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK' in queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot'! Tag 
                   <context.args.map_get[Name].split_by[<&co>]> is invalid! 
22:35:46 [INFO] +> Executing 'SCHEMATIC': type='LOAD'  name='context.args.map_get[Name].split_by[<&co>]
22:35:46 [INFO]  ERROR in script 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK' in queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot'! Schematic file 
                   context.args.map_get[Name].split_by[<&co>] does not exist. Are you sure it's in 
22:35:46 [INFO]  Completing queue 'EXCOMMAND_LoverLiterallyHampshire' in 1ms. 
22:35:47 [INFO]  Queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot' Executing: IF "<def[air]>" "==" "no" 
22:35:47 [INFO] +- Executing dCommand: IF/p@JimyTheLightfoot ---------+ 
22:35:47 [INFO] +> Executing 'IF': use_braces='true
22:35:47 [INFO]  Filled tag <def[air]> with 'yes'. 
22:35:47 [INFO]  Comparable='Element(yes)', Operator='EQUALS', ComparedTo='Element(no)' --> OUTCOME='false' 
22:35:47 [INFO]  Queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot' Executing: IF "<def[location]>" "==" "player" 
22:35:47 [INFO] +- Executing dCommand: IF/p@JimyTheLightfoot ---------+ 
22:35:47 [INFO] +> Executing 'IF': use_braces='true
22:35:47 [INFO]  Filled tag <def[location]> with 'player'. 
22:35:47 [INFO]  Comparable='Element(player)', Operator='EQUALS', ComparedTo='Element(player)' --> OUTCOME='true' 
22:35:47 [INFO]  Queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot' Executing: SCHEMATIC "paste" "name:<def[name]>" "<player.location.simple>" 
22:35:47 [INFO] +- Executing dCommand: SCHEMATIC/p@JimyTheLightfoot ---------+ 
22:35:47 [INFO]  Filled tag <def[name]> with 'Test'. 
22:35:47 [INFO]  Filled tag <player.location.simple> with '-33,9,-295,map_dungeons'. 
22:35:47 [INFO] +> Executing 'SCHEMATIC': type='PASTE'  name='Test'  location='l@-33.0,9.0,-295.0,map_dungeons
22:35:47 [INFO]  ERROR in script 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK' in queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot'! Schematic file Test is not 
22:35:47 [INFO]  Queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot' Executing: SCHEMATIC "unload" 
22:35:47 [INFO] +- Executing dCommand: SCHEMATIC/p@JimyTheLightfoot ---------+ 
22:35:47 [INFO]  ERROR in script 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK' in queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot'! Invalid context ID 'args'! 
22:35:47 [INFO]  Filled tag <context.args.map_get[Name].split_by[<&co>]> with 'context.args.map_get[Name].split_by[<&co>]'. 
22:35:47 [INFO]  ERROR in script 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK' in queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot'! Tag 
                   <context.args.map_get[Name].split_by[<&co>]> is invalid! 
22:35:47 [INFO] +> Executing 'SCHEMATIC': type='UNLOAD'  name='context.args.map_get[Name].split_by[<&co>]
22:35:47 [INFO]  ERROR in script 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK' in queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot'! Schematic file 
                   context.args.map_get[Name].split_by[<&co>] is not loaded. 
22:35:47 [INFO]  Completing queue 'SCHEMATICCREATORTSK_WardSpecificScreenshot' in 499ms. 


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