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TitleDenizen Debug Logs From Welcome to play.green-incs.com
TypeServer Log
Date2020/06/10 04:24:38 UTC-07:00
Java Version: 1.8.0_211
Up-time: 1h 11m
Server Version: Paper version git-Paper-284 (MC: 1.15.2)
Denizen Version: Core: 1.80-SNAPSHOT (Build 660), CraftBukkit: 1.1.4-SNAPSHOT (build 4855-DEV)
Active Plugins (24): CratesPlus: 4.5.3, dynmap: 3.0-beta-10-257, WorldEdit: 7.1.0;8e55131, AsyncWorldEdit: 3.7.2, 
BlockLocker: 1.7.3, NoMobGriefing: 0.2.3, Vault: 1.7.2-b107, Votifier: 2.6.0-SNAPSHOT, 
Multiverse-Core: 4.0.0-b766, WorldGuard: 7.0.2-SNAPSHOT;bf2593e, CoreProtect: 2.18.2, 
Citizens: 2.0.26-SNAPSHOT (build 1980), Denizen: 1.1.4-SNAPSHOT (build 4855-DEV), 
Essentials:, EssentialsProtect:, Multiverse-Inventories: 3.0.0-b459, 
EssentialsChat:, EssentialsGeoIP:, EssentialsAntiBuild:, 
EssentialsSpawn:, Depenizen: 2.0.0 (build 616), EssentialsXMPP:, 
dDiscordBot: 0.6 (build 81), DiscordSRV: 1.19.0
Loaded Worlds (5): world, world_nether, world_the_end, skybox, end_battle
Online Players (1): greenleeuw(greenleeuw)
Offline Players: 71
Mode: online

13:24:19 [INFO]  Starting InstantQueue 'EXCOMMAND_InterfaceChancellorRelevant' with player 'greenleeuw'... 
13:24:19 [INFO] +- Queue 'EXCOMMAND_InterfaceChancellorRelevant' Executing: (line 1) ~discord id:green-info message 
                   channel:<discord[green-incs].group[Info].channel[server-info]> ---------+ 
13:24:19 [INFO]  ERROR in queue 'EXCOMMAND_InterfaceChancellorRelevant' while executing command 'discord' with player 
                   'p@af42dde2-6a4c-434c-a7f3-667b063a2284 (greenleeuw)'!
     Error Message: Tag <discord[green-incs].group[Info].channel[server-info]> is invalid! 
13:24:19 [INFO] +> Executing 'DISCORD': id='green-info'  instruction='message'  
13:24:19 [INFO]  Completing queue 'EXCOMMAND_InterfaceChancellorRelevant' in 4ms. 
13:24:19 [INFO]  ERROR in queue 'EXCOMMAND_InterfaceChancellorRelevant' while executing command 'discord' with player 
                   'p@af42dde2-6a4c-434c-a7f3-667b063a2284 (greenleeuw)'!
     Error Message: Failed to process Discord message command: no channel given! 


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