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Other than the primary tutorial video series, many of these videos are outdated, and remain here as a historical reference.
The primary video series starts at "Setting Up A Local Test Server and Your First Task Script" and ends at "Putting It Together: NPC Guides", with videos in order, labeled from 1 to 28.
All videos outside that series should be considered very outdated and historical.
Videos within that series are somewhat outdated but still somewhat valid and perfectly acceptable to use in year 2019.
For details on what has changed since this, refer to the Updates Since The Videos page of the Beginner's Guide.
Please join us on Discord and/or view the in-progress text-based Beginner's Guide


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NamePutting It Together: A Kill Quest
Click here to see the youtube page with comments.
Description14. A full tutorial to build a basic NPC-given kill quest.
Note: this video is already old... has_flag should replace most of the flag calls in a modern Denizen script... this should still work though.
Note: in addition, if you experience trouble with the 'kills' event firing too many times and upping the kill count too quickly, use the event 'on entity death' instead. You'll have to move a few contexts around and add an if check (to ensure the killer is a player) but it's quite doable.
Intro song: 'A New Sun' by BlackCoyote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVavGAWjvjY